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What Leads to Yellow Coated Tongue?

In case you are wondering ‘what leads to coated tongue’, you might be thinking about the yellow tongue that is observed frequently in people. In simple words, a coated tongue signifies several problems and you would find that the condition can be associated with major problems. The tongue has a big role in the determination […]

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What is the Blood Test for Lyme Disease

What is lyme disease? Lyme disease is one of the commonest tick born diseases in the United States and is caused by several bacteria belonging to the genus, Borellia. Among them, Borellia burgdoferi is the commonest and the tick that transmits the disease is known as the ‘hard tick’ which belongs to genus Ixodes. What […]

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Curing Hemorrhoids A Welcome Relief

Many people suffer from hemorrhoids, a condition that can make their lives very uncomfortable until they find a cure for hemorrhoids. This condition is often something that people get because of a genetic predisposition. Other people get hemorrhoids because of their sedentary lifestyle or poor eating habits. Hemorrhoids are a swelling of blood vessels in […]

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STDs Symptoms

The topic of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is an unpleasant one. Also known as sexually transmitted infections (STI) and venereal diseases (after Venus, the Roman goddess of love), the reported cases of STDs symptoms have been at epidemic numbers for years. AIDS is a very frightening fact, and unfortunately it is only one of many […]

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What You Should Know About Flexeril Side Effects

Flexeril is a medication used to treat muscle spasms and pain in conjunction with physical therapy and rest. This drug may be used for sprains, strains and other muscle injuries and istaken orally three times a day. Your doctor will determine the correct dosage for your situation and the medication is only to be used […]

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Home Remedies and Prevention of Dog Vomiting

There is a wide range of situations and medical conditions that can cause dogs to vomit. Dogs could vomit by eating unfamiliar food, eating fast, and swallowing non-food objects. The most common cause of dog vomiting is swallowing garbage where your dog munches through things he should not eat. Other possible causes include food allergies, […]

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Why Do We Get Nose Sores?

It is believed that a staggering 30% of Americans suffer from the common cold sore, sometimes known as a fever blister. The cold sore is the most commonplace form of the herpes simplex virus type 1 or HSV1 which is the cause of all such infections above waist level. This is quite different from Herpes […]

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What Are Fasting Blood Tests?

Blood tests are supposed to tell you whether or not there is something wrong in your body. Analyzing your blood can give important information on your blood fats, glucose and other nutrients which should be present in blood in certain amounts. The results of some blood tests like mch blood test might be influenced by […]

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Fosamax for Femur Fractures

Fosamax is a drug that is used to treat osteoporosis in men and women alike. It is a bisphosphonate product and is also referred to as alendronate, alendronate acid and alendronic sodium. Since being introduced in late 1995, Fosamax is the most extensively used oral bisphosphonate, taken by more than 20 million people. However, there […]

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Does Laser Hair Removal Cause Cancer?

Laser ingrown hair removal is an innovative technique, which is especially designed for the purpose of removing unwanted hair from the body. Statistics show that the women use the laser hair removal method more than the men do – perhaps because they are more conscious of having beautiful and clear skin. It is sometimes thought […]

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