Long-distance relationship

By on November 13th, 2015

I am so happy and grateful that during the time while I have to be away from the person I love our relationship is only getting stronger, more intense, more passionate, more inspiring; we are remaining loving, connected, honest and faithful and are dealing with this separation gracefully and learning from it; we are growing together and our love is growing! 🙂
Background Information:

By way of circumstances beyond our control, the man I love and I have to be separated (living in different countries) for over a year and we are trying to make the long-distance relationship work. We have a truly amazing relationship and a deep connection on every level, and we both want this to work despite the lengthy separation and are looking forward to reuniting.

1. Long distance relationships are never easy, but they can make you see your true feeling and commitment. With your deep connection and your determination you will have a successful and happy future.

2. you deserve all the love and happiness in the world! hang tough and keep strong! do not let your thoughts stray from your goal! dont give up on true love! love, peace and stay “kind”!

3.I feel the wonderful and deep connection between you both and your wish is already coming true…!!

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