My Intention is to have a more fulfilling life

By on November 13th, 2015

Life is never as simple as we make out or those who want our money make out.
Also there are factors within others that can only make life more difficult for us yet we will not give up our dreams and so we should not.
We all know that we can be our own worst enemy by negative thoughts so my intention is to hang on to my dreams and to overcome feeling sorry for myself. The problem in the past is that instead of being a little more gentle and tactful I get angry so I am carrying some bad feelings around about my situation.
The more I control my feelings the worse the next outbreak within myself becomes.

I never harm anyone but I do hurt their feelings some times and so I much regret that but the regret doesn’t fix the problem,

Basically my nature is gentle and understanding and helpful but I to am crying out and no ones listening there seems to be progress in the practical sense but not in the spiritual sense and activity only hides the problem until its released again then there is a calm and then back to normal. Its like being controlled at the time and absolute astonishment by me that I could not control the anger.
There is much good in me I don’t have issues about myself as a person with the right circumstances to bring the best of me out .
So I am asking for better circumstances to fill my life, At the moment things are moving slowly even so I am grateful for that but its just not going quick enough to avert real problems.

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