Bk Creates a Lower Calorie French Fry

By on March 23rd, 2016

Burger King has introduced a new product in its menu that is aimed at “healthier” eating. The new item, a lower calorie serving of french fries, is being advertised as a lower-calorie and less fat alternative.

The new side item has been named “Satisfries,” and the french fries are an old-fashioned crinkle cut. This strays away from the “natural” look so many chains, such as competitor Wendy’s, have been aiming for in recent years.

How Satisfries are made?

You might be wondering how the burger chain’s new french fries are able to be lower in fat and calories. According to media reports, Burger King’s new fries have a different kind of coating than its regular fries. The coating is “designed to be less porous and absorb less oil”, reported Business Week.

What about the regular french fries?

Burger King reportedly has no intentions of removing its other “fattier” fries from its menus. The two recipes will be made simultaneously to give consumers different choices. Media reports note the ingredients are essentially the same, they’ve just been tweaked a bit in order to allow the fries to be less fattening. BK, however, is not sharing the details on how the chain has accomplished this method.

“Small changes create a big impact,” said Alex Macedo, president of Burger King North America, according to USA Today. “This will grow, just like diet soda grew over time.”

Nutrition information

Nutrition information for Satisfries has been published by Burger King in its announcement. A medium-sized order of fries will have 340 calories, 14 grams of fat (saturated fat 2 grams and trans fat 0 grams), 4 grams of protein, 51 grams for carbohydrates, and 370 mg of sodium. According to Burger King, the new french fries have 40 percent less fat and 30 percent less calories than the standard fries.

Priced about 20 cents to 30 cents higher than the chain’s classic fries, Satisfries made its debut in Burger King restaurants on Sept. 24, 2013. The fries will be sold in all Burger Kings in North America.

While the fat and calories of the fries are lower than the Miami-based chain’s classic fries, it should not be mistaken as a “healthy” option for a side item choice when making selections. When it comes down to it, the new menu item is still deep fried.

Will the market become “satisfried”?

Burger King is betting the product will take off and that consumers will be willing to shell out a few extra cents to buy the fries with lower calories. Their stance seems to be that customers are not going to buy veggies and dip, they want the fries.

“You live in Manhattan and might be having a kale smoothie on your way to work this morning,” said Eric Hirschhorn, chief marketing officer for Burger King, according to the New York Times. “But a lot of people don’t even know what kale is, and if they do, they don’t want to eat it. You have to give people what they want.”

Currently, Burger King sits at #3 in terms of fast food restaurants. McDonald’s and Wendy’s hold the #1 and #2 places respectively. Wendy’s slid into the #2 spot last year.

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