What Leads to Yellow Coated Tongue?

By on September 13th, 2017

In case you are wondering ‘what leads to coated tongue’, you might be thinking about the yellow tongue that is observed frequently in people. In simple words, a coated tongue signifies several problems and you would find that the condition can be associated with major problems. The tongue has a big role in the determination of maladies in the body, and it has been very important in ancient Chinese medicine too. A coated tongue means that there is lack of proper oral hygiene and there might be some medical conditions which are bringing about this condition. Here are some major reasons behind the yellow tongue and the problems that can be associated with the onset of a coated tongue.

Why is My Tongue Yellow?

This is a question that goes through the mind of several people, along with desperate attempts to clear this coated tongue. However, you would find that not everyone is successful in removing the coating from their tongue as there are several other reasons associated with a coated tongue. A bad oral hygiene might be a cause behind yellow tongue, but that does not mean that other conditions can be ruled out. One of the most common causes of bumps on tongue is the condition known as geographical tongue. A case of geographical tongue is associated with the development of cracks in the tongue and inflammation over the tongue. These cracks can become potential bacterial sites and can lead to further problems. Another major reason behind the yellow tongue is oral thrush. Oral thrush is a condition that can be brought about by several conditions and underlying medical problems. It is important that you get this case of yellow tongue checked at the earliest, as it might be related to some serious medical problems.

Yellow Tongue and HIV

As mentioned above, yellow tongue can be related to some serious medical conditions. One of such relations is that which exists between yellow tongue and HIV. It has been found that HIV positive patients have a yellow coating on tongue and the condition can signify this serious underlying medical condition. Therefore, any sort of coated tongue should not be ignored for just bad oral hygiene, it should be examined properly for any serious underlying medical conditions and problems.

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