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List of Hurricane Names


How Big of a Storm Gets a Name?

The World Meteorological Organization is in charge of assigning names to tropical storms that originate in the Atlantic Ocean and reach a sustained wind speed of 39 miles per hour. Any storm that reaches a sustained wind speed of 74 miles per hour is called a hurricane. Here are details on how hurricane form.

When a storm becomes a hurricane it retains the name that it was given as a tropical storm. The World Meteorological Organization has six lists of storm names which are recycled every six years. The name lists for 2008 through 2017 are shown in the table below.

Hurricanes are name alphabetically, hence the first tropical storm or cyclone that attains a sustained wind speed of at least 39 miles per hour in a calendar year is given the name that begins with an “A” from the appropriate list above. The second storm is given the name that begins with a “B”. The naming process continues through out the year with the names assigned in alphabetical order.

Names used for Hurricanes
2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Arthur Ana Alex Arlene Alberto Andrea Arthur Ana Alex Arlene
Bertha Bill Bonnie Bret Beryl Barry Bertha Bill Bonnie Bret
Cristobal Claudette Colin Cindy Chris Chantal Cristobal Claudette Colin Cindy
Dolly Danny Danielle Don Debby Dorian Dolly Danny Danielle Don
Edouard Erika Earl Emily Ernesto Erin Edouard Erika Earl Emily
Fay Fred Fiona Franklin Florence Fernand Fay Fred Fiona Franklin
Gustav Grace Gaston Gert Gordon Gabrielle Gonzalo Grace Gaston Gert
Hanna Henri Hermine Harvey Helene Humberto Hanna Henri Hermine Harvey
Ike Ida Igor Irene Isaac Ingrid Isaias Ida Ian Irma
Josephine Joaquin Julia Jose Joyce Jerry Josephine Joaquin Julia Jose
Kyle Kate Karl Katia Kirk Karen Kyle Kate Karl Katia
Laura Larry Lisa Lee Leslie Lorenzo Laura Larry Lisa Lee
Marco Mindy Matthew Maria Michael Melissa Marco Mindy Matthew Maria
Nana Nicholas Nicole Nate Nadine Nestor Nana Nicholas Nicole Nate
Omar Odette Otto Ophelia Oscar Olga Omar Odette Otto Ophelia
Paloma Peter Paula Philippe Patty Pablo Paulette Peter Paula Philippe
Rene Rose Richard Rina Rafael Rebekah Rene Rose Richard Rina
Sally Sam Shary Sean Sandy Sebastien Sally Sam Shary Sean
Teddy Teresa Tomas Tammy Tony Tanya Teddy Teresa Tobias Tammy
Vicky Victor Virginie Vince Valerie Van Vicky Victor Virginie Vince
Wilfred Wanda Walter Whitney William Wendy Wilfred Wanda Walter W

Stool Occult Blood Test


A reminder to readers that a new study has again demonstrated the benefit of checking stool samples for the presence of blood as a screen for colon cancer. All men and women over the age of 50 and without a family history of colon cancer should do this at least once per year.

Call your doctor’s office and ask for a sampling kit. Follow the very simple instructions and return it to the office for processing. A negative test in general is very reassuring. A positive test I does not mean you have cancer, but does indicate that more testing may be necessary.

Remember, colon cancer identified in its early stages often can be cured. Don’t let fear or inconvenience get the better of you.

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Russell G. Robertson, MD

18 August 1999
Last updated 18 August 1999


Vaginal Yeast Infection Causes: Preventing It Comes From Knowing About It


Perhaps you are at a loss as to what could possibly be the Vaginal Yeast Infection Causes? You experience the symptoms and yet you are totally clueless as to what could be giving you such pains and discomforts? Well, do not be surprised when you find out there are countless of them because the truth is, there are countless of factors triggering vaginal yeast infection. Find below some of them:

Candida Albicans

Before you finally delve into the yeast infection treatments or diet you should have, it would be best to first know more about the Vaginal Yeast Infection Causes First of all; it is the microorganisms called the Candida albicans that trigger yeast infection in women. These live organisms remain in the body especially when the environment is basic or alkali in nature and therefore, the body becomes a favorable place for them to breed more fungi or bacteria. There is another disease might be similar with this infection – blue waffle infection, visit the details for the causes and treatment.

Taking Antibiotics

Did you know that taking some antibiotics to treat your ailment could actually set off a yeast infection in your body? Yes, it takes place too many times. What happens is when the antibiotics are taken; the good bacteria get wiped out along with the bad bacteria. Therefore, what happens is that there is no other way to tell if there are still some good bacteria in your body or not.

You will only get the chance to know the answer when you have finally developed a yeast infection! That is why it all the more becomes crucial that women who frequently develop signs and symptoms of vaginal yeast infection know the possible Vaginal Yeast Infection Causes. That way, you will be able to shield yourself from getting one again and again!

Using Oral Contraceptives

But then again, not all women are aware that by taking oral contraceptives to control pregnancy; there is the tendency to aggravate the yeast infection.  In short, do not carelessly use antibiotics, creams and ointments, oral contraceptives, steroids and other medications to cure yeast infections since they can drastically affect your sugar levels.  You might just find your yeast infections becoming worse instead of becoming better. For these, it would be best to opt for the more natural ways of treating your yeast infections such as choosing to come up with your own yeast infection diet. But again, let it be emphasized here that knowing about the various Vaginal Yeast Infection Causes is still the most important thing women should keep in mind.

Foods You Eat Can Induce Yeast Infection

One of the most common reasons which can trigger you to develop the medical condition of vaginal yeast infection would be your diet or what you specifically eat. That is why most of the women who are diagnosed as having been infected with Candida albicans are advised to take on a  nutritious diet plan that is tailored-fit to yeast infection diets. This is very important to take note of because after all; these Candida albicans might even spread to your digestive tracts if left untreated.

Foods To Stay Away From

Avoid eating dairy products when you are diagnosed with vaginal yeast infection because they have been confirmed as one of the most common Vaginal Yeast Infection Causes among women. Since dairy products can easily be converted into sugar, it would not be advisable that you eat them. Otherwise, the bacteria will just love staying in your body and might just not leave anymore.

Other food groups you will need to avoid include white rice or starchy foods; or those that can easily be transformed into glucose. What is more, there should be no mushrooms in your diet since they are fungal and will absolutely make your yeast infection worse.  Likewise, avoid eating processed foods since they also contain very high levels of sugar; soups and crackers which have been found to have high levels of sugar content should be kept at bay as well.

Following Essential Tips About Vaginal Yeast Infection Causes

With these essential tips to guide you about the causes of vaginal yeast infection, you will be able to find the most appropriate and effective solutions for your yeast infection!

How To Lose A Double Chin


A double chin is a flaw that many of us have, but you no longer have to live with your double chin. Freeing yourself from your chin fat no longer requires plastic surgery. Here are a few tips on how to lose it.

The first step to ditching that double chin is to lose a little weight. Your face is one of the first places many people lose their weight. You don’t have to lose 50 pounds to ditch that double chin in many cases losing just 5 percent of your total body fat can greatly reduce your double chin. You can achieve this weight loss by changing the way that you eat.

Grab an apple to replace that bag of potato chips. By making healthy choices when eating you can easily reduce your weight. Eat more fruits and vegetables and reduce the fat that you intake. This an easy way to beginning shedding your double chin.

Exercise is also another way to help shed the pounds. Increasing your cardio exercise routine will help the weight come off more quickly. This type of exercise will help you burn the calories that you are taking in and also help you turn your excess fat into energy. Not only will you be shedding that double chin but also making a healthy life style change that you will feel and see throughout your body. Walking 30 minutes a day is a great way to start a cardio routine and burn those extra pounds.

Even after you lose the weight that double chin may still be hanging around. The lose skin can be toned with exercises that target the platysma muscle that lies under the chin. You can do these exercises while watching your favorite TV show and only takes a few minutes each day and you should be seeing results in no time.

The first exercise is chin chin ups. Simply opening and closing your mouth will help tone up that double chin. You will be able to feel the muscle tightening up as you close your mouth. Do this exercise for 20 reps per day.

Chin sit ups is another exercise that can be used to tighten that double chin. Laying on your back, but holding your head off the ground make a yes movement with your head. After doing ten yeses then make a no movement with your head being sure to not allow your head to rest on the ground. Repeat these movement as many times as you can for best results.

Even with all the exercising and weight loss that double chin can still be a problem area. There is another choice to help lose the flab skin hanging from your chin. There is a great product called the Velform Chin Wrap. This product combines a gel that is applied to the chin area to help shrink the skin back to it’s original form. The system works by applying the gel once in the morning and wrapping a elastic band around the chin to help hold the skin into the form that is desired. In ten minutes every morning and then repeating the process in the evening for twenty minutes in as little as a week you will be able to see the improvements.

Losing that double chin is a simple way to regain your youthful appearance. You can shed ten years off your appearance by losing that double chin. Following these simple steps and trying Velform Chin wrap is a great way to rid yourself of a double chin and regain your youth.

Does Laser Hair Removal Cause Cancer?


Laser ingrown hair removal is an innovative technique, which is especially designed for the purpose of removing unwanted hair from the body. Statistics show that the women use the laser hair removal method more than the men do – perhaps because they are more conscious of having beautiful and clear skin.

It is sometimes thought by people, especially the health conscious women, that the laser ingrown hair removal technique is very harmful for the body and it is one of the causes of cancers like skin cancer.

As we known, there are several ways to remove the ingrown hair in your pubic area or others. However, just try the laser method if they are not suitable with you. Well, this belief is totally wrong because laser hair removal doesn’t cause any type of cancer. This is because this technique is usually accomplished by the use of non-ionizing radiation, which prevents ill effects like cancer.

How laser hair removal technology works?

The laser hair removal technique uses a series of energy waves, which travel at the speed of light. These are made in the oscillating magnetic as well as the electric field and results in the generation of intense heat on the area where hair is to be removed, but this does not cause any type of cell mutation. The laser light used in this hair removal method can create intense and focused heat which is absorbed by the dark melanin under the skin.

This intense heat on the desired area results in the complete removal of the hair follicle. It is generally observed that this method of hair removal is highly successful and preferred by both men and women nowadays because this technique can produce desirable results even if a person possesses dark hair or light skin.

Side effects of this technology

Laser hair removal technique can give a great hair removal result on almost every type and color of skin including white, black or brown. On patients for whom this treatment is suitable there is up to a 90 percent success rate resulting in hair removal being made permanent in a painless way. The side effects of laser hair removal technique are very rare because it is a completely risk free way to remove unwanted hair from the body.

However, some people who use the laser hair removal technique on a regular basis can sometimes have side effects like temporary scabbing and mild skin irritation. Some people also experience some side effects of hair growth in lighter areas because of major changes in hair re-growth. Acne and pimples are some other side effects of laser hair removal that can be easily dealt with by the use of cosmetic products available on the market.

Since laser treatments side effects are rare it is generally recommended that people use this technique for hair removal, as side effects are very infrequent. Skin that is tanned with either tanning products or the sun are more prone to skin side effects than when laser hair removal techniques are used So, use the laser hair removal technique to remove unwanted hair from your skin comfortably and risk free.