List of Hurricane Names

By on October 12th, 2017

How Big of a Storm Gets a Name?

The World Meteorological Organization is in charge of assigning names to tropical storms that originate in the Atlantic Ocean and reach a sustained wind speed of 39 miles per hour. Any storm that reaches a sustained wind speed of 74 miles per hour is called a hurricane. Here are details on how hurricane form.

When a storm becomes a hurricane it retains the name that it was given as a tropical storm. The World Meteorological Organization has six lists of storm names which are recycled every six years. The name lists for 2008 through 2017 are shown in the table below.

Hurricanes are name alphabetically, hence the first tropical storm or cyclone that attains a sustained wind speed of at least 39 miles per hour in a calendar year is given the name that begins with an “A” from the appropriate list above. The second storm is given the name that begins with a “B”. The naming process continues through out the year with the names assigned in alphabetical order.

Names used for Hurricanes
2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Arthur Ana Alex Arlene Alberto Andrea Arthur Ana Alex Arlene
Bertha Bill Bonnie Bret Beryl Barry Bertha Bill Bonnie Bret
Cristobal Claudette Colin Cindy Chris Chantal Cristobal Claudette Colin Cindy
Dolly Danny Danielle Don Debby Dorian Dolly Danny Danielle Don
Edouard Erika Earl Emily Ernesto Erin Edouard Erika Earl Emily
Fay Fred Fiona Franklin Florence Fernand Fay Fred Fiona Franklin
Gustav Grace Gaston Gert Gordon Gabrielle Gonzalo Grace Gaston Gert
Hanna Henri Hermine Harvey Helene Humberto Hanna Henri Hermine Harvey
Ike Ida Igor Irene Isaac Ingrid Isaias Ida Ian Irma
Josephine Joaquin Julia Jose Joyce Jerry Josephine Joaquin Julia Jose
Kyle Kate Karl Katia Kirk Karen Kyle Kate Karl Katia
Laura Larry Lisa Lee Leslie Lorenzo Laura Larry Lisa Lee
Marco Mindy Matthew Maria Michael Melissa Marco Mindy Matthew Maria
Nana Nicholas Nicole Nate Nadine Nestor Nana Nicholas Nicole Nate
Omar Odette Otto Ophelia Oscar Olga Omar Odette Otto Ophelia
Paloma Peter Paula Philippe Patty Pablo Paulette Peter Paula Philippe
Rene Rose Richard Rina Rafael Rebekah Rene Rose Richard Rina
Sally Sam Shary Sean Sandy Sebastien Sally Sam Shary Sean
Teddy Teresa Tomas Tammy Tony Tanya Teddy Teresa Tobias Tammy
Vicky Victor Virginie Vince Valerie Van Vicky Victor Virginie Vince
Wilfred Wanda Walter Whitney William Wendy Wilfred Wanda Walter W
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