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Bread Machines – Yes


Bread machines come in a range of brands and models with the most basic device returning a standard sized loaf, made from various types of flours with a couple of different crusting options, and the more elaborate devices producing larger loaves, a greater range of settings for sweet and savoury loaves, as well as dough making facilities and even jam making. Of course, the cost of more elaborate models reflects the greater functionality.

The bread maker gives the cook great control over what ingredients are used. This is perhaps one of the best features of the device and what makes it most worthwhile. It enables cooks to tweet the ingredients and proportions in a way that would not be possible buying off the shelf bread-products.

Whether you are health conscious and want the most healthy ingredients, or simply want to create a loaf to your own individual taste, the bread maker presents one way of achieving this. It would often not be possible to purchase products that met your own individual requirements; however, the bread maker allows you to create exactly what you want. This is priceless!

Beyond the scope for creating your own bread products, the bread maker is also an invaluable investment because it can also save money. Cooking bread in the oven in the traditional way requires more energy than the device made specifically for the purpose. The oven can often be an expensive way of cooking, especially for individual loaves or small batches. If it is used to assist dough to rise the cost of running the oven also increases.

Of course, the cost of a bread maker probably cannot match the cheapest loaves that can be purchased in shops and if the primary purpose of the bread maker is to produce bread as cheaply as possible, the bread maker may not be the best choice. The more elaborate models will certainly offer more functionality than is needed and if these functions are not used, the device may be a “waste.”

When it comes to the more elaborate bread machine functions – like jam making – the bread maker really comes into its own. Whether you are using home grown fruits, or fruits purchased cheaply in bulk, both jams and marmalades can be made well below cost of purchasing even the cheapest preserves in the shops. Over time even the additional outlay for the device can be recuperated.

The one downside of bread machines is that the models change very quickly and when a part wears out, it is not always possible to fix it because your model is no longer supported by the manufacturer. But while manufacturers do not stock spare parts that would fix your device cheaply, it is often possible to find spare parts, such as paddles, from ebay stores at a very good price that means you can get a bread maker fixed, preserving its life.

Bread makers offer great scope for cooking creativity – enabling you to make speciality products cheaply that you cannot buy; it is cheaper to run than a conventional oven for cooking; and more elaborate functions like jam making truly make the bread machine a winner. Fixing it can be done cheaply, leading to it being a worthwhile investment.