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Birds Eye Potato Waffles


Now forgive me for starting off with this snippet of information but I wanted to share it with you before I forgot it!  By all accounts Birds Eye adds E464 (which is derived from a natural plant material) to control the amount of fat that the waffles absorb when they are cooking and to maintain their shape and texture. The one and only reason I found this information so intriguing was because each time I have shallowed fried Birds Eye waffles I have found that they have absorbed a substantial amount of fat and this is partially why I don’t make a habit of buying them. On the other hand, if I grill them they seem to have the texture of recycled cardboard.

So I have got my glasses on to make an inspection of the ingredients, which are potatoes, potato starch, sunflower oil, salt, stabiliser, pepper, mustard and the E 464. The ingredients seem fairly normal, nothing untoward in the list, Birds Eye have accounted for the E464 and fully explained why it is used. The product is free from artificial colorings, flavourings and preservatives too. It seems that Birds Eye have a `potato guru`, he is called Colin Wright and he selects the best seasonal potatoes from trusted farmers. One potato waffle contains95 calories, 4.9g total fat and 12g of carbohydrate.

A pack of 12 Birds Eye waffles are £1.38 ($2.10) a pack of 12 Asda waffles are 98p, so a substantial price difference there.
The waffles are always cooked from frozen, either put them on a slightly greased baking tray and then into a pre-heated oven (Gas 5) for about 15 minutes or if you prefer then shallow fry them for a few minutes either side. Admittedly they smell good when they are cooking and if I could get to grips with cooking them correctly I would be very tempted to eat them more regularly 

Thinking laterally about the situation, potatoes are rarely a low calorie option, a jacket potato is probably the healthiest and the lowest in terms of calories intake. I dont know about you but if I have a jacket potato then I need butter or spread to liven it up! Oh theres no pleasing me today!  Roast potatoes are not the ideal slimmers choice, creamed potatoes have to have milk and butter to make them 100% enjoyable, potato croquettes are pretty dry and uninteresting, boiled potatoes have as much allure as dry cream crackers and chips probably contain more fat than waffles! 

As I am writing this review there is an advertisement on the same page for a waffle maker, maybe I should log on to Amazon, buy a waffle maker and make my own instead of moaning!  If I could cook them properly I am sure they would be lovely