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Buying High End Coffee on a Budget


Coffee lovers can’t imagine starting their day without their favorite brew. The problem is fitting that brew into an already tight budget. The is even worse if the preferred brew happens to be of a finer quality. Good quality coffee does not come cheap. 

Work it into the budget

Sit down and create a new budget. The reason for doing this is because you will need to see where you can cut costs to afford your favorite quality coffee. The other reason to redo your budget is that it is a good idea to do once in a while. You never know when something has changed and gone unnoticed since the last time you really looked at your budget. Some people get into such a habit of paying bills each month that they might end up still paying for products or services they no longer want/need or even receive. 

Believe it or not, coffee can have a place in your budget under either grocery expense or entertainment/fun. Depending on how much your favorite quality coffee costs, you may have to cut some corners to comfortably fit it into the budget. 

Trade and save

The idea is to stop doing something like having fast food lunches and save that money up until you can afford to get your coffee. It really comes down to sacrificing one luxury for another. If you are serious about your coffee, then it will not be too tough to give up those fast food hamburgers, or whatever luxury you decide to trade in for your coffee. 

Please note that while coffee is very critical to a coffee loving person, you should probably continue paying your rent and light bills. It would not be very easy to brew coffee in the dark or outside in your car! Joking aside, swapping one luxury for rich, aromatic coffee could be your ticket to continued morning bliss.

Coffee clubs

Joining a coffee club can be the answer to your high end coffee dilemma. Many clubs are available and offer higher end coffees not generally available in grocery stores or coffee shops. Generally, clubs will send you the coffee of your choice once a month or every three months. 

Perform an Internet search for coffee clubs and choose a few to learn about. Once you have narrowed it down to the one club that offers everything you want and need, then sign up for that club. Be sure to read all of the information before signing up. You want to know about prices after the introductory offer and how often the company sends out the coffee and when/how you will be billed. 

Coffee shop

If you do not brew coffee at home and opt to indulge your coffee cravings at a coffee shop, then you are probably spending at least $5 a day. By the way, that is $150 in an average month! Still, if home brewing is not your forte, then ways to help take the bite out of the coffee shop trip include cutting down to one cup a day or a couple of smaller sized cups a day. 

You might even consider changing what type of coffee you order from your favorite establishment. Some coffee drinks are more expensive than others, but the coffee itself is higher quality than most grocery store shelf coffees. 

High end coffee does not have to be wishful thinking any more. You also do not have to settle for coffee brands you do not like; all you have to do is get creative. You can rework your budget to fit high end coffee in or you can simply trade one luxury for your coffee. 

If you really want to have that favorite roast, then you may have to sacrifice something else in order to get it. If none of these suggestions will work, then you may have to search for a comparable coffee that is less expensive.